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People crave personal connection. When a client picks up the phone to call a new financial advisor, they take a risk. They wonder who exactly is on the other side of that call. As financial advisors, we’ve often been forced into a mold. But not every financial advisor is the same and neither are our clients. Thankfully, it’s never been easier to share our unique personalities in genuine ways. And let’s face it: people work with people they like. Today, we celebrate who we are so that clients feel comfortable with building relationships and know who they’re working with.

Finding the right medium to share your story and expertise isn’t always easy. That’s where I come in…

I am a financial advisor. I understand what it’s like to help clients create financial plans, develop an investment policy statement, stay focused on their goals, and minimize behavioral biases that can threaten their plan. It’s what I’ve done my entire career, and it’s what I will continue to do.

I also understand the power of establishing a strong personal brand by turning clients into fans before they even reach out to work with you. I’ve created blogs, podcasts, and videos to grow RLS Wealth Management and launch my consulting business.

Building a personal brand isn’t easy. It takes time and dedication. But, with perseverance you will see results. The compounding effect of content creation isn’t any different than the effect of compounding interest—in the end, it all adds up.

If you’re struggling to integrate your unique personality—hobbies, interests, and everything in-between—with your role as a financial advisor, let’s set up a time to talk to see if I can help you.

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