WP Advisor Connect: Content Marketing & Social Media To Build Your Brand And Business (Podcast)

Earlier this summer I had the opportunity to join my friends Mike Philbrick, president Resolve Asset Management, and Sam Rook, Associate Portfolio Manager at RBC Dominion Securities, to discuss how financial advisors can leverage content marketing and social media to grow their business. Unfortunately, it was not in person...in 2019 the three of us were able to have dinner in Montreal after Inside ETFs Canada, but we ended up having a great conversation.

It's tough to cover everything on the subject in just 30 minutes, but there are tons of tips and solid advice in this panel conversation. I'm sure you'll be able to fill a few pages in your notebook with new ideas.

I created an infographic to help advisors just getting started with their content strategies... you can check it out by clicking here. If you'd like a copy of your own, shoot me an email jc at justincastelli dot io and I'll send you the PDF--the only cost is I'll add you to The Advisor Of Tomorrow Newsletter 😉.

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