Which Social Media Platforms Should Financial Advisors Be Using?

Beginning a social media strategy for distributing content, communicating with clients, connecting with potential clients, and growing your brand is not that complicated.

If you're not sure which social media platforms you should be utilizing, ask yourself three simple questions:

  1. Who is your audience?
  2. Where do they hang out?
  3. What are you trying to accomplish?

Now, watch this video to learn why those questions are so important and to get a look at how I view the different social media platforms. I walk you through each of the major companies and how I view them for RLS Wealth Management--this is just one approach. What might work for your firm may be different, which is why those questions should be answered before starting your strategy.

After watching you should have your blueprint--I told you that part isn't complicated. You should now be on your way to communicating, sharing, engaging, and growing your business assuming you're ready to execute, which brings on a whole new conversation.

Execution of the strategy can be a little trickier...

If you're struggling to find the right combination for your firm, click here to reach out and see if working together to build your social media blueprint makes sense.