The Blueprint For A New Advisor's Content Strategy

The preparation to bring on a new financial advisor extends beyond making sure all of the proper compliance and infrastructure are in place; it also requires laying the groundwork for the new advisor's content strategy. A carefully crafted content strategy will help a new advisor plug into the firm's existing strategy and begin to build their personal brand.

If possible, don't wait until Day One to start--I know this isn't always possible, but if planned out in advance, a new advisor can drop a new blog/podcast/etc. on their first day and benefit from the excitement of the announcement.

This is exactly what I am currently working on as I look to bring on a new advisor in a little over a month. Here's how we are preparing:

Phase 1: Now Until Start Date

  • Craft advisor's story, which will ultimately become his brand.
  • Help intertwine advisor's professional expertise with his personal interests--we need to make him human and allow people to decide if they like him.
  • Get 3-5 blog posts written to be dropped when we launch his blog on Day One. The first few topics/posts for him are ready--it's just getting them written.
  • Determine a name for his blog--it will be separate from RLS Wealth Management and it will be 100% his. We don't have to kill ourselves on being too creative, but if we can get something original, that is ideal. It wouldn't be bad to have it indicate that it will speak to a specific audience, most likely young professionals. I should avoid having "millennial" in it though.
  • Use a basic WordPress template to get it going--we don't need to spend a lot of money or time building the website itself.

Phase 2: Start Date-??

  • Continue to help him with ideas and topics for his content.
  • Determine a frequency: initially thinking a new blog post every other week and a weekly round-up of good reads for young professionals--like my Weekly Mixtapes.
  • More content can be added to the content calendar down the road--he and I will also be doing joint videos and those will go on his blog when we record.
  • Depending on budget, hire someone to help him manage his LinkedIn and IG, along with the RLSWM Facebook and IG pages, which I will resurrect when he joins--they are stagnant now.

Phase 3: ???

  • Hopefully, with time, he will be comfortable creating without additional help.
  • Definitely have someone run the company FB, Twitter (I'll bring back), and some distribution on our personal accounts (using Buffer or something like that). This person will also repurpose content across multiple platforms.

When we get here we will have content being produced on:

  • New advisor's Blog
  • All About Your Benjamins
  • All About Your Benjamins Podcast
  • Joint Videos
  • Individual Videos
  • RLSWM Rundown Flash Briefing On Amazon Devices (restart soon)
  • Future Ideas

By starting early, we'll be able to share a video introducing the new advisor, drop his blog, and hopefully, a website refresh all on the same day. While this isn't necessary, capturing the excitement from the announcement and directing it to the new blog is efficient use of others' attention.

If you find yourself needing help with Phases 1 and 2 drop me a line. This is exactly where I'm helping other financial advisors and would love to see if I can help you launch your (or your new advisor's) content strategy. You can learn more here or contact me here.