The AOT Podcast Live With Samuel Deane: Launching A Firm Early In Your Career

Launching your own firm can be a daunting task, especially when you are early in your career. My friend Samuel Deane, founder of Deane Wealth Management, has done this and has done so with great success. I've known Samuel for a couple of years now and I have the opportunity to hop on a Zoom call with him each month to talk about life and business; it's been fun to watch him grow and I'm excited to see where he goes in the coming years.

In this episode, Samuel and I discuss how he was able to leverage the licensing and training program at a larger firm to gain experience to launch, the launch process, how having a niche has helped growth, and how he is telling his story through his marketing efforts.

Although the episode title mentions "early in your career" the lessons Samuel shares will help anyone launching their own firm.

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