The AOT Podcast Live With Ninamarie Jeffrey: The Importance Of A Thoughtful Brand Narrative

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People work with people they like.

We all know this, but most financial advisors neglect to use this to their advantage. When individuals are looking for a financial advisor they are first and foremost looking for someone with the experience and expertise to advise them on their finances, answer their questions, and help them reach their goals. But competence is not the only quality they are looking for. They are also looking for someone they will enjoy working with--personality matters when hiring a financial advisor.

Historically, financial advisors have withheld their personalities--whether it be for compliance reasons or because of the conservative nature of financial services. But with the rise of social media, the shift toward independence/rise of the RIA, and the growing popularity of blogs/podcasts/video, financial advisors willing to be vulnerable and put themselves out there are having success growing their practices--and growing with their ideal clients. By sharing their personality, expertise, and beliefs these advisors are building their personal brand and allowing prospective clients to decide whether or not they want to work with the advisor before reaching out.

In this episode, Ninamarie Jeffrey, the founder of The Content Ally, shares how financial advisors should start building their personal brand--their brand narrative. We also discuss the importance of a brand guide and story, social media, and some mistakes to avoid. Ninamarie shares a number of actionable tips in this episodes, along with areas advisors might want to consider outsourcing.

Not only is Ninamarie a marketer and content creator, but she is also a musician. The music you hear after the intro and before the outro is from her YouTube channel, which you can check out here.

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