The AOT Podcast Live With Dasarte Yarnway: Cultivating A Community For Clients

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After a lost Instagram Live recording with Samantha Russell from Twenty Over Ten, I decided to go a little less trendy and switch to recording live conversations via Zoom and broadcasted live on YouTube. And rather than make these just video conversations, I'm switching up the podcast game and making these live conversations the recordings of The Advisor Of Tomorrow Podcast.

In the first episode of The Advisor Of Tomorrow Podcast Live, my very good friend Dasarte Yarnway and I discuss creating a community for our clients--an intentional creation of a community. We both discuss efforts we have recently begun and what we plan to do in the future to foster community within our firms and take the client experience to the next level.

There are plenty of ideas for you to take away and try with your clients, although you ultimately should be thinking about how you can enrich your clients' lives. I'd love to hear some of the ideas you come up with!

Show Notes:

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Berknell Financial

Book: The Art Of Community by Charles Vogl