The AOT Podcast Bonus Episode: Bitcoin, Financial Advisors, and The Future With Isaiah Douglass, CFP®

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The talk around cryptocurrency, in particular bitcoin, is nowhere near peak 2017 levels, but it is beginning to pick up. As financial advisors, it is going to be critical to AT A MINIMUM be able to have a conversation about bitcoin and as my friend Isaiah Douglass suggests, incorporate a small, 1%-2%, allocation to bitcoin.

In this bonus episode of The Advisor Of Tomorrow, we have a conversation about what we have discovered about bitcoin, how it might fit into our future asset allocation, why advisors need to start learning more about the asset class, and more.

My plan is to continue the conversation with Isaiah as we continue to learn more, experiment more, and as more technology supporting advisors in this space comes to market. Bitcoin is not going anywhere and its time financial advisors admit that and begin to determine if and how it might play a part in their clients' financial plans.

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