The Advisor Of Tomorrow Podcast LIVE

Financial advisors have spoken...The Advisor Of Tomorrow Podcast is a favorite! Well, at least according to a recent U.S. News and World Report survey. Being included on the list is a huge honor and has challenged me to push to make it even better!

I'm excited to announce that beginning this Friday (July 10th), the Advisor Of Tomorrow Podcast will be recorded every other Friday and posted to Apple Podcasts and Google Podcasts the following Monday.

But, I'm changing the game a bit.

Every recording will be LIVE at 1:00 EST and broadcasted on YouTube. My guests and I will record via Zoom and stream directly to YouTube. I'll be monitoring the chat on YouTube so we can incorporate your questions into the conversation. No more private conversations shared after the fact---we're keeping it real.

I've already got an exciting line up of guests you won't want to miss:

July 10th--Dasarte Yarnway (Community Through the Client Experience)

July 17th-- Ninamarie Jeffrey (Branding and Marketing)**** Bonus Epsiode

July 24th-- Chad Chubb (Finding Your Niche)

August 7th--Samantha Russell (Content Marketing--a redo of lost IG Live)

CLICK HERE to subscribe to my YouTube channel to catch the live recordings, along with all of the other content for financial advisors.

I'm excited to take The Advisor Of Tomorrow Podcast to the next level and hope you'll join me for the ride!