The Advisor Of Tomorrow Podcast Live With Dr. Joy Lere: Putting Your Oxygen Mask On First

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If 2020 has reminded us of anything, it is financial advisors can experience extreme amounts of stress at times. Being responsible for the financial well-being of our clients is a stress we have all learned how to process and thankfully, most of the time this stress is not too great thanks to the financial plans we build, scenarios we run, and the understanding we develop of our clients' goals.

But when our clients' stress levels rise, like they did in early 2020, financial advisors often find themselves absorbing their stress as well.

In this episode The Advisor Of Tomorrow Podcast Live, I'm joined by Dr. Joy Lere to discuss why it is so important for financial advisors to take care of themselves first in order to do their best work for their clients. We deviated from the original outline I had for this episode, but we went down a path I felt was more important for financial advisors.

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