The Advisor Of Tomorrow Podcast: Digital Marketing Unleashed At The Spark Disruptors Conference

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This episode is a special one—well they are all special, but this one is extra special. Last month, I had the privilege of joining a rockstar panel for digital marketing at the Spark Disruptors Conference.

The panel was moderated by Altruist CEO Jason Week, who could have hosted the conversation by himself—Jason has built multiple RIAs and now the custodian Altruist by relying on digital marketing and has had massive success while doing it relatively quietly.

My fellow panelists were Brittney Castro, the OG of advisor digital marketing. I’ve been watching Brittney create and distribute content for years now—she was one of the first and has leveraged her marketing skills to build her advisory firm, secure partnerships with large corporations like Chase, and most recently joined forces with Altruist as their head of investor education.

And then there was Samantha Russell, the CMO of Twenty Over Ten and she is currently putting out THE best advisor focused marketing content—she’s constantly giving away ideas advisors are willing to pay top dollars for—for free. I’d like to take a moment to humblebrag that I am 2020 Investment News 40 under 40 classmates with Brittney and Samantha.

While Brittney and Samantha are more well known for their content, we also had Jacob Ingram who lives in the background of content creation—Jacob is the CMO for Defiance Analytics and is an expert in the actual strategy behind digital marketing—it’s important to remember while creating content is fun, distribution is crucial.

I managed to get my hands on the audio from our conversation to share here…a big thanks to Conor over at Spark for the hookup and not only this hookup, but for his support and friendship as well.

If you did not attend the Spark Disruptor virtual conference you missed out—it was by far the best virtual conference I’ve experienced. It had great speakers, breakout sessions, and even a main stage—the platform made it almost seem like you were in person at the conference. Not only did they have great content for financial advisors, but they also managed to infuse some music into the day, which made for a really cool vibe.

The next Spark event, whatever and whenever it is, will certainly be a must-attend. Be sure to follow the Spark Network to stay in the know.