Talkin' Shop With Steven Fox, CFP®: Keeping Exercise In Your Routine (Bonus: CARES Act Student Loan Info)

There's beginning to be a common theme amongst the guests of the Work-From-Home series of Talkin' Shop--fitness. Physical activity has always been important, but as Steven Fox, CFP® shares it might be even more important now for the mental clarity it provides.

Steven is the founder of Next Gen Financial Planning, a firm that specializes in working with young professionals. In addition to discussing how he has managed to work from home, Steven also takes us through a high-level look at the student loan programs currently available due to the CARES Act. If you are an advisor not familiar with student loans, you'll want to pay special attention to this section. I'd also encourage you to consider referring clients who need planning for student loans to advisors like Steven, who specializes in this.

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