Talkin' Shop With Michael Baker, CFP®: The Importance Of Taking Breaks While Working From Home

I've talked on other episodes of Talkin' Shop about finding myself not able to turn "work mode" off; it's almost like I'm constantly working and never really giving my brain a break. In this episode Michael Baker, CFP®, a founding member of Vertex Capital Advisors, joins me to discuss how he's managing working from home.

Taking breaks to have lunch with his kids, going on a walk with his AirPods to take client calls, and just getting out of his home office has been an important part of Michael's daily routine to stay fresh and productive.

Checking Michael's Twitter feed has become a staple in my daily routine; if you're not following him because each day he starts out with a tweet of optimism which will surely get you in the right frame of mind, especially if the current environment has gotten you down you can follow him here.

Be sure to subscribe to the YouTube channel--I have a bunch of conversations lined up with other advisors in the next few weeks. There will be a ton of great information and best practices shared in these episodes. You won't want to miss out!