Talkin' Shop With Larry Sprung, CFP®: Connecting With Your Peers To Stay Sharp

Larry Sprung, CFP® is a veteran in the game and shares some great perspective. It's not the first time you've heard this, but Larry recommends keeping a schedule to help with staying productive and on task while working from home.

He also recommends staying connected with not just your team but your peers. There are a lot of organizations like NAPFA, XY Planning Network, and one near and dear to me---The AGC™ where you can connect with like-minded advisors. I support the importance of community!Finally,

I was able to break some great news..."What Rink Is Larry At?" will be returning once life gets back to normal!!

Be sure to subscribe to the YouTube channel--I have a bunch of conversations lined up with other advisors in the next few weeks. There will be a ton of great information and best practices shared in these episodes. You won't want to miss out!