Talkin' Shop With Kevin Mahoney, CFP®: Finding Ways To Help Those In Need

Kevin Mahoney, CFP® is an advisor I've known for a few years now. He runs a 100% virtual practice, so this working from home and leveraging technology to meet with clients is nothing new to him. In our discussion, we touch on how his young professional clients are dealing with the current environment and quickly get into how he (and other advisors) are finding creative ways to help individuals and families who need help with financial questions but don't know where to find answers.

Inspired by his generosity, I have since opened times on my calendar for phone calls with anyone looking for some answers. I'm hopeful I see similar results as Kevin.

I make a bold prediction in this episode that Kevin will be a leader in our profession; he actually is already there, but in the coming years his impact will reach far more advisors and clients. You heard it here first.

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