Talkin' Shop With Ashby Daniels, CFP®: Defining Portfolio Risks In Terms Of Years Of Income

In the first of a series of Talkin' Shops with advisors to discuss how we are handling working from home, I'm joined by my close friend Ashby Daniels, CFP®.

Ashby gives a quick update on how his clients are handling the current crisis, shares how working from home is going, and what he does each day to make sure he is just as productive as when he is in the office.

Pay attention to how Ashby has spent his career defining risk to his clients--he has set reasonable expectations for them, allocated their portfolios to be aligned with their financial plans, and defined risk in terms that has kept them calm, even in the current environment.

Ashby is a a financial advisor in Pittsburgh and writes the blog, Retirement Field Guide. Be sure to give Ashby a follow and subscribe!

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