Talkin' Shop w/ Isaiah Douglass, CFP®: Personal Plans For 2020 And What Advisors Can Expect

Thanksgiving is a time to think about what we're thankful for during the past year. It's also the time of the year financial advisors start thinking about the new year.

In the first episode of Talkin' Shop for The Advisor Of Tomorrow, I'm joined by Isaiah Douglass, CFP® to talk about what we are each hoping to accomplish in 2020. Isaiah has big goals for his firm, ID Financial Planning and Wealth Management, along with being able to give back more to the advisor community (I love this!).

My focus is improved client relationships and a shift toward life planning with RLS Wealth Management clients, and the growth I am looking to see will come from The Advisor Growth Community™ and from helping other advisors develop their personal brands and tell their story. I can honestly say I've never gone into a new year as excited as I am right now.

Isaiah and I conclude our conversation with some obstacles we think advisors might see in the coming year(s). I told Isaiah I thought we'd need about 10 minutes to knock this video out...we ended up going for almost 20 and it's all substance, no filler.

If you're a financial advisor and will be in the Indianapolis area, I'd love for you to visit Fishers and record an episode of Talkin' Shop--please let me know when you'll be in town!

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