Marketing Your New Book With Ashby Daniels, CFP®

Over the last few years, Ashby Daniels has become a very close friend of mine. In fact, at one point we had a serious discussion about how he and I could join forces to own the Interstate 70 corridor (Interstate 70 is basically a straight shot from Indianapolis through Columbus, Ohio to Pittsburgh). That scenario didn't play out, but if it had, I would have been 100% cool with it.

In addition to just being a good friend, Ashby also serves as one of my professional compasses. I enjoy encouraging and helping other financial advisors identify and make progress toward their goals and while I usually find myself in the role of the "guide", Ashby often finds himself in the position to rein in my shiny-object syndrome. He recently sent me Essentialism, which I can already tell is going to be a game changer for me.

I share all of this to set the stage for how honored I was that Ashby allowed me to record our brainstorming session about his new book, Medicare Simplified.

If you have written a book or are planning on it, you will want to check out our conversation as we discuss a number of ways for Ashby to market his book to his his two audiences--advisors and consumers. He now has plenty of options and will just need to determine which ones feel the most authentic and put him in front of the most eyes and ears.

I've already shared with Ashby the proposed options and I'll eventually make it available for you to check out as well. But for now, listen in on our conversation about marketing Medicare Simplified.

Just in case you don't know this...Ashby is a a financial advisor in Pittsburgh and writes the blog, Retirement Field Guide. He was also just included in Financial Advisors Magazine's Young Advisors To Watch. Be sure to give Ashby a follow, subscribe to his blog, and most importantly, grab a copy of his book!

One final thing: if you enjoy hearing these strategy session, don't forget to subscribe to the YouTube channel. I plan on sharing more behind the scenes looks at conversations with other financial advisors.