It's Time To Turn It Up

During a crisis you have three options:

1.) Run and hide—just disappear

2.) Do nothing—freeze as a result of fear

3.) Rise up and lead—be visible and present

If you're reading this I know #1 and #2 are not options for you. Your clients are depending on you to lead them through the current crisis (and any future crisis) and you are more than prepared to do so. But what about the individuals and families who find their advisor choosing to disappear or freeze and not provide any guidance?

You have the opportunity to lead them as well--through the content that you create.

I Can't Hear You!!

There has never been a better time to create content. If you are already writing, recording podcasts, filming videos, or any other medium, it's time to turn up the volume. If you are not sharing your thoughts and guidance with the world, it's time to get started. Let me repeat how I started this paragraph—there has never been a better time to create content.

People are searching for answers...literally searching on Google for answers about what they should be doing regarding this finances. You can help them find the answers—either directly from yourself or by curating the content of others or your podcast and video guests.

Right now, there is no shortage of topics to choose from:

  • Financial planning principles and how to improve weaknesses during a crisis.
  • Identifying what can be controlled and why those are the areas to focus on.
  • The stimulus plans.
  • Risks of selling in a panic.
  • Why diversification and portfolio construction is designed for times like now.
  • Opportunities that will come out of this crisis.
  • Debunking bad advice floating around.
  • Your clients' questions.
  • Your thoughts and opinions.

Typically coming up with content ideas is a financial advisor's biggest obstacle and right now we're being given a gift of an endless supply of topics.

The advisors and firms that come out of this stronger and growing will be the ones who first take care of their current clients—that comes first, obviously—and also take a position of leadership by being a voice of reason and knowledge by putting out content.

So write, record, film, or whatever you do and put it out. Create and create often.

The Hook Up

I'm going to hook you up with some information to help you get going. There is a free tool you can use to see what people are searching—SEMrush. You can pay to get more information, but if you want to confirm your topic is being searched or just use it as an idea generator it's a great tool.

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Important Things To Consider

Now that you're ready to turn up the volume of your content here are some things to consider:

  • People are scared. Find a way not only to educate but also comfort them. You don't have to lie and make false promises, but remind them that there have been countless scares over time and while no two events are the same, we've always come out on the other sides stronger.
  • Content for your clients can also be for the public. Many advisors have great newsletters for their clients but keep them from the public. Turn your newsletter into a blog post or create a public newsletter. Don't miss the opportunity to take the great content you're already creating and get it in front of more people.
  • Don't take for granted what people know or don't know. There may be topics you think are too basic--there is a good chance many readers, your clients included, do not understand it.
  • Use your content as an opportunity to share your thoughts. Leaders have opinions. Leaders stand for something. Leaders are there for others. This is why people look to leaders, especially in times of stress. Share your thoughts. Be opinionated. Say something.
  • Remember the long game.

I plan on practicing what I'm preaching--I've already begun writing more over on All About Your Benjamins, have a bunch of ideas for this blog, and will be recording more videos in the coming weeks.

I'll share one of my ideas--I'm going to encourage my clients to send questions to be answered in a video each Friday; I thought about Facebook Live but ultimately decided against it for compliance reasons and wanted to have higher quality video for YouTube. I'll send the video to clients in an email Saturday morning and will keep the video on YouTube so anyone who is not a client can watch as well. I'll also feed the audio through my Flash Briefing, the RLSWM Rundown which I'm bringing back to life.

I'm looking forward to seeing the great content you put out--what will you be doing?

If you want to kick around some ideas feel free to reach out by clicking here

For my fellow hip-hop fans, here's an old Ab-Soul and Kendrick Lamar song—-tell your audience to turn you up by giving them more quality content.