Grow by Altruist

My friend Tyrone Ross has quickly become one of the best interviewers in the world of finance--I believe it was Josh Brown who dubbed him Oprah. I've enjoyed watching him interview some of the most dynamic financial advisors on The Human Podcast and I haven't missed an episode of his new series Grow. So, naturally, when he asked if I'd join him for an episode I said yes.

As I prepared for my convo with Tyrone I decided I want to discuss an important part of what financial advisors do, that I don't talk enough about--the financial plan.

As I mentioned early in the conversation, the expected answer from me would have centered around creating content...something along the lines of using video to create multiple pieces of content, or being authentic, or sticking with content for the long game. Any of those would have led to a great discussion and I believe in each of them, but I felt it was important to remember the impact we can have on our clients by helping them build financial plans that ACTUALLY allow them to live the lives THEY want to live.

The timing of this episode could not have been better. It dropped a little over a week before I released RLS Wealth's new website that tells the story of creating a financial life aligned with one's purpose. By helping our clients lead fulfilled, meaningful, and impactful lives is one of he greatest responsibilities we have as financial advisors and if we are successful in doing this, our business will GROW as our clients will want those they care about to have the same experience.

So yes, creating content is a great way to grow--it's how I plan on growing RLS Wealth and my work with other financial advisors, but it's imperative we make sure the quality of work we do for our clients is even better than the content we create.

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