The ETF Prime Podcast: The AGC™, Collaboration, And Rapid Fire Questions

On Tuesday (March 14th, 2020) I had the opportunity to join Nate Geraci on The ETF Prime Podcast to discuss the AGC, why collaborating with other advisors is so important, where some advisors miss the value of collaboration, and a bunch of other things.

I've been a guest of a few podcasts and this conversation was one of my favorites.

I appreciate Nate giving me the opportunity to discuss the tremendous community that is The AGC™; as soon as I wrapped up my conversation with Nate I hopped onto Zoom to join the community to listen to Carl Richards as he kicked off our day long virtual conference.

Here's the link to the entire episode...I come in around 42:00 and as a lifelong hip-hop fan, I appreciated the Weezer intro. I remember when Undone came out back in the day.

Thanks again, Nate!