Discomfort Around Selling

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Few financial advisors want to be viewed as salespeople; even the "advisors" that sell in a traditional way (think products) don't use a title including "sales". As the profession has moved towards advice and planning, the term "sales" has become even more uncomfortable for financial advisors.

We don't consider the advice, guidance, and support we provide our clients as a product for sale. But, the truth is, we are all selling something--we're selling ourselves, our expertise, our client experience, and our advice and the art of selling these is not a hard close. It's done through storytelling and delivering upon the story we tell.

Earlier this month I saw a tweet from Jess Bost voicing her frustration will feeling like she had to sell--it boldly stated, "I hate selling". It immediately caught my eye because it showed one of my peers was frustrated and I thought a different perspective might help her through the frustrating moment.

Shortly after I responded to Jess offerring to hop on a call and chat, I had messages from my friends Dr. Joy Lere and Jude Boudreaux, CFP® that they'd like to join in on the conversation.

And this podcast and video is the conversation---unscripted and real.