Creating Multiplatform Content : Experiments In Advisor Marketing Podcast

There’s so much goodness in this episode of Taylor Schulte’s podcast; pay special attention to the conversation beginning at minute 31:50 as you might hear a familiar voice.

I was honored to participate in this episode and to be completely honest, I had no idea what Taylor had planned. All I knew is he wanted me to talk about my love of video and to share why I believe in being on multiple platforms; I can talk content creation all day! I had no idea I’d be joining heavy-hitters like Roger Whitney, Jeff Rose, and Kathy Longo. I also had no idea that a few months after recording this episode Taylor and I would team up to launch the Advisor Growth Community™.

This episode has something for everyone; if you are a financial advisor reading this blog, consider it MANDATORY listening. And while you’re at it, you go ahead and subscribe to Taylor’s podcast—I never miss an episode and I have a notebook dedicated to the podcast to keep notes.

Enjoy and be inspired!

Experiments In Advisor Marketing Episode 4: The Showdown-Blog vs. YouTube vs. Podcast