Benjamin Brandt And The Power Of Podcasting (Podcast)

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Financial advisors hesitating to launch a podcast because they think there are already too many podcasts or they don't have anything unique to share are missing a tremendous opportunity to grow their business and communicate with clients.

I believe every financial advisor with a desire to have a podcast should have, make sure you read that correctly. Every advisor with a desire to have a podcast--not every financial advisor. If podcasting isn't for you, that's ok. Pick the format that best fits your comfort level, expertise, and clients--just do you!

If you're going down the podcast rabbit hole, or are looking to improve your existing podcast, there isn't a better guide than Benjamin Brandt. If you don't know Benjamin, he is the founder of Capital City Wealth Management and hosts Retirement Starts Today. Benjamin has recently launched an online course called the Advisor Podcast Accelerator--full disclosure, I have purchased the class but have not taken it yet, but I will soon. It's safe to say he know his stuff when it comes to creating and hosting a successful podcast.

What you won't find in this episode:

  • The microphones to use
  • The software to edit
  • Any other "how-to" steps
  • Sympathy for not having enough time

What you WILL find in this episode:

  • WHY you should consider a podcast
  • How Google plans to make podcasts even more valuable
  • What to consider when launching a podcast
  • With podcasts, size doesn't matter--quality over quantity when it comes to audience size
  • Examples of a couple very specific podcasts having tremendous success
  • So much more

Show Notes

Twitter: RetireMeASAP

Retirement Starts Today Radio

Online Course: Advisor Podcast Accelerator™