AGC™ Open Enrollment

The 50 OG AGC™ members recently wrapped up their first six months collaborating, learning alongside, and supporting each other. In January, we welcomed more growth-minded advisors to the community and now we are more than 100 strong.

In just six months the Video Vault has accumulated over 60 (and counting) videos from our recorded webinars. The videos are from guest speakers, community-lead sessions, hangout sessions, and a book club. Every webinar in the community is recorded so advisors who are unable to attend can catch what they missed and future members can relive the great moments we've experienced.

In the Vault you'll find conversations with Annie Duke, Rory Sutherland, David Perell, Dani Fava, Manish Khatta, and Josh Brown. We have more spectacular guest lined up in the coming weeks...Carl Richards, Jud Mackrill, and Morgan Housel, just to name a few.

More Than Guest Speakers

There's no doubt the guest speakers have been top-notch, but they do not define the AGC™. Taylor and I have been holding one-on-one Zoom meetings with the community to get to know the advisors on a deeper level. I won't speak for Taylor, but I've learned the AGC™ is bringing value to advisors in different ways. For some, it's being a part of a community and the support of others, especially with everything going on right now. For others, it's been sharing best practices and learning new ways to work with clients and run their business. And for others, it's been finding other advisors to provide accountability.

This is what excites me the most about the AGC™ and its future--being able to help advisors grow in different ways.

Open Enrollment

With all of the major conferences being cancelled, the AGC™ has re-opened the community for a short period of time to allow those advisors looking to replace the education and networking from conferences.

The AGC™ will close the community again after enrollment ends on April 15th.

Click here to sign up now.

Scholarship Opportunity

Recognizing there are many advisors who would be great additions to the AGC™ but find themselves in a position where a little financial assistance would help them join, we've decided to offer three scholarships that will cover the remainder of the calendar year in the AGC™. We remember building our businesses and how a little "help" from another advisor was just what was needed to breakthrough to the next level.

The application for the scholarship is due April 10th, 2020. You can access the application by clicking here. We do ask that you reserve the scholarships for those advisors who NEED the assistance.

If you'd like to learn more and chat for 15-20 minutes, you can hop on my calendar to schedule a call by clicking here.

April 14th Virtual Conference

If you join the AGC™ before the 14th you will be able to attend our very first virtual conference. There was discussion to open the conference to the greater advisor community, but we decided since this is the very first one (and a lack of time to plan it out) that it would be AGC™-only. It's going to be an exciting day as we are joined by Carl Richards, Jud Mackrill, Cameo Roberson, Tyrone Ross and Douglas Boneparth. I can't wait to spend the day in front of my computer!

Here's the schedule:

11:00 EST- Carl Richards

1:00 EST- Jud Mackrill

4:00 EST- Cameo Roberson

Immediately after Cameo (5:30 most likely)- Happy Hour With Tyrone Ross and Douglas Boneparth.

Again, the only way to attend is to be an AGC™ member. Click here to sign up now.

The AGC™ has become a big part of my life and I am enjoying being a part of the community. I can speak for the entire AGC™ in that we are excited to welcome more great financial advisors to help make the community even better.