New Course: Add A Subscription Relationship To Your Business Model

The future of our profession lies in the hands of young professionals.

The problem is most financial advisors won't work with young professionals because the old business model doesn't fit those in the accumulation phase. But, that doesn't have to be YOU.

I've had a subscription model since I launched RLS Wealth back in 2015 and I've made adjustments, improved it, and have it to a pretty smooth process now. It's currently our fastest growing relationship as we've begun to focus more on young professionals for my colleague Thomas Kopelman.

I believe every financial advisor should at the very least have a subscription model in their ADV as an option and to help this happen, I created a course to walk you through how to:

  • think about a subscription model
  • what services to provide
  • what technology to use
  • how to service subscription clients
  • how to transition your clients to other relationship models,
  • how to think about pricing
  • how to market the relationship

I even created a workbook to help you plan your subscription model out.

AND, to make sure your subscription model is a success, I even hold office hours each month to talk through your vision for your subscription relationship.

The course can be found on Gumroad and is only a $500 investment--yes it's an investment because if you add one subscription client you will have made your money back with just the initial planning fee. After that, you're in the green.

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