A Few Thoughts Following The Spark! Disruptor Conference

Last week I had the pleasure of being included on a panel (dubbed the ‘96 Bulls by on attendee) to discuss Digital Marketing--Brittney Castro, Samantha Russell, Jacob Ingram, and Jason Wenk definitely made for an all-star lineup and a valuable conversation.

I had my notebook handy and took down notes.

Jason did a tremendous job moderating the conversation but we only had about 40 minutes for the 5 of us to share what we’ve learned when it comes to digital marketing and creating content. We covered a lot of ground in a short amount of time—I DM’d everyone after and told them we could have easily gone for two hours.

I'm not going to recap the conversation—you've got to catch these things live, but there were a few things I didn’t get to share that I wanted to put out there.

  1. Don’t forget clients. Creating content is fun—there's a dopamine hit when you finish a piece of content, more when/if others provide positive feedback, and the ultimate rush when a prospect reaches out and mentions your content efforts.

    It's fun to be creative. It's fun to experiment. It's fun to build.

    BUT, with all of the fun that creating content and digital marketing brings, financial advisors cannot lose sight of their clients. It's easy to get caught up growing your podcast, blog, or YouTube channel, but if you neglect your clients and the level of service you provide begins to suffer, you run the risk of losing clients. Remember, content creation and (digital) marketing are a part of the business, but they are not THE business. Now, if you want it to become your business that's a different conversation.

  2. Content is king, distribution is the empire. My friend Nyle Bayer is one of my favorite friends to talk with because he is a creative genius and we always come up with some great ideas. As someone who has found his creative spirit, I find collaborating with other creatives to be inspiring.

    While we were on a Zoom call a couple of weeks ago, I confessed to him that until now my distribution strategy has been weak—it had been create, put it out there, and create more. There was no real distribution strategy and I've realized to reach my goals for RLS Wealth, The AGC™, and working with financial advisors I need to be more intentional with how I distribute my content going forward. I told him I realized that content is king, but distribution is...I couldn't figure out what word I wanted to use to describe "distribution" and I can't remember what he said, but "empire" came to me. Content Is King and Distribution Is The Empire.

    Without your empire, your content just sits untouched. I'll write more about this in another post, but a couple of things I want to mention today:

    1. Large empires are great because it means you have great reach.
    2. Small empires might be even better as Seth Godin talks about seeking the smallest viable market. (Seth Godin)

    Whatever size empire you seek, don't lose sight that in order to grow your "empire" you need to focus on distribution. How do you get your content to your empire?

  3. I believe in transparency and sharing what I've learned, even if it's what I've done wrong. If the conversation during the panel would have allowed for it, I planned to share that one of the things I did wrong early on was not doing a good job of distributing my content. If I could go back to when I first started creating content, I would have spent more time on the digital marketing side of things—sharing my content more often, creating more clips of podcasts/videos, using paid ads and buying keywords strategically, and relying on others to help with this workload.

    The good news is I can do this now (and I am). Over the last five years, I've built a massive content library which has allowed me to grow RLS Wealth (clients and team), launch The AGC™, earn a few professional accolades, and provided the opportunity to help other financial advisors—I can only imagine where I'd be if I was more intentional with my distribution. I'm going to find out 😀.

I could talk content and digital marketing all day, but these were a few things I wrote down prior to the panel kicking off that I wanted to share, if the opportunity presented itself. These are ideas I have not publicly shared and I want to have fresh ideas whenever I have an opportunity to speak. I'm glad I was able to share them here.

I'd be remiss if I did not point out how amazing the Spark! Disruptor conference was. Everything from the marketing to the speakers to the infusion of music into the conference to the technology used was top-notch. It's the first time I've felt like I was at an in-person conference while sitting on my computer.

Bravo to Jim Wiandt, Conor Ó hAonghusa, and the entire team involved. Thank you for allowing me to participate! Whenever the next Spark! event is, don't miss it!