40-ish Spots Left In The AGC™

When we launched the AGC™ last summer, Taylor Schulte and I had high expectations for the community of financial advisors and in my opinion, we've exceeded those expectations. We've held more than 60 webinars, hosted a one-day virtual conference, started a book club, launched a private podcast, and we're just getting started--the AGC™ hasn't even turned one yet.

How Big Will The AGC™ Get?

This was a common question when we first opened the community--the answer was always the same, "We're not sure". It was more important to Taylor and me that every advisor felt like they were getting massive value from the community and building quality relationships than rush to get as many financial advisors in.

We've discussed keeping the AGC™ small, 100 advisors or less. We've discussed shooting for as many members as possible--the sky's the limit. Ultimately, we made the decision to cap the AGC™ at 150 members, which means we have around 40 spots open for new members. Unlike past enrollments we are going to leave the community open to new advisors until we hit 150 members and then the doors will be closed, only to reopen if an advisor decides to leave.

Taylor and I are going to host a final webinar this Friday, May 29th at 12:00 EST to talk about the AGC™, what new members can expect, and to answer questions; just like our weekly webinars, we'll be hosting this in Zoom so it can be interactive. If you've been on the fence or are just now finding out about the AGC™, now is your chance to learn more!

You can register for the webinar by clicking here.

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